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Law Secretary’s Notice To Prosecution Director

Law Secretary Pramod Kamat has issued a notice to Director of Prosecution Shobha Dhumaskar asking her to appear before him on 11th July following an appeal filed before him under the Right to Information Act by Advocate Aires Rodrigues.
Adv. Rodrigues has taken objection to the 20 days time taken by the Director of Prosecution to respond to an RTI application filed by him and further going by the answer has challenged the Director’s contention that some of the information sought by him was not within the purview of the RTI.
Adv. Rodrigues had sought to know from the Director of Prosecution whether her office was advising police officers in the investigation of cases to which the Director had answered in the affirmative while declining to disclose the provision of law under which such advice was given.
In his appeal before the Law Secretary, Adv. Rodrigues pointed out that since there is no provision of law under which the officials of the Director of Prosecution can advise investigating police officers in the case, their advice tantamount to interfering with the investigations.
He also contended that the role of the Public Prosecutor commences only after the police file the charge sheet and further pointed out that the Supreme Court has given many orders to that effect.
He said that the Director of Prosecution did not reply to his query to cover up their misdeeds.
The RTI application was made after Shobha Dumaskar in her opinion advised the police not to charge sheet former Inspector General of Police K D Singh’s son in an accident case even though he was driving his father’s official vehicle without authority.

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