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Lawsuit against 5G dismissed with Rs. 20 lakhs fine

India is almost ready to bring 5G technology to create a connectivity revolution. As its implementation gains impulse, time and again concerns around its use have been raised indicating the harmful effects that 5G networks will do on humans and the environment as a whole.

The heated debate on this topic became popular recently when actress-environmentalist Juhi Chawla filed a lawsuit in Delhi High Court against the positioning of 5G wireless networks in the country.

What is the 5G network?

5G is a huge generational leap as compared to the present 4G technology. 5G guarantees to revolutionize mobile broadband as it will be capable of not only securing fast internet on our cell phones but also will help in power Internet of Things (IoT) networks to run connected cars and homes smarter and faster. Also, it will help to stream rich media.

Though Airtel, Reliance Jio, Vodafone, Idea have been given a trial spectrum to test 5G technology in India, 5G has not yet been introduced in the country. It is expected that after completing the trials networks will go in collaboration with 5G bands by the end of 2021.

Juhi Chawla’s Lawsuit

Actress-Environmentalist Juhi Chawla had approached the Delhi HC against the setting up of 5G wireless networks in the country due to its harmful effects on the environment. Initially, the hearing came up before Justice C Harishankar; he transferred the lawsuit to another bench for hearing on 2 June.

According to Chawla, no living being be it a human, an animal, a bird, an insect, a plant on Earth will be able to protect themselves from exposure to harmful levels of RF radiations that are 10x to 100x times harmful than present existing radiations that too for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if telecommunication industry’s plans of 5G will come in action. These 5G plans will cause serious, irreversible effects on humans and will permanently destroy the entire ecosystem of the Earth.

The suit filed through Adv. Deepak Khosla looked for a direction to the authorities to validate to the public that 5G technology is safe to mankind, flora and fauna, and every living thing on the Earth.

Delhi HC’s order

Delhi High Court while hearing questioned actress Juhi Chawla for filing the suit against the set-up of 5G networks directly without giving any representation to the Centre on her worries regarding the technology. Justice J R Midha said the complainants, Chawla, and two others, were required to approach the Central Government first for their issues and if denied they should come to the court. After hearing all views of various parties Delhi HC reserved its order on the lawsuit.

Further on 4th June, Friday the Delhi High Court had dismissed the lawsuit filed by Juhi Chawla. The court said that Chawla abused the process of law and also imposed the fine of Rs. 20 Lakhs. In its order Delhi HC stated that “it appears that the suit was for publicity”, it also states that the link of the virtual hearing was circulated by Juhi Chawla on social media, which created the disruption thrice.

Fanboy disturbed the hearing

A man tried to disturb the virtual hearing as he started singing songs from the actress’s movies. Due to this strange interruption, the hearing had to be stopped, and it resumed when the man was removed from the session. The court has taken this bizarre deed seriously and issued a contempt notice and also the Court directed the Delhi Police to search the person and take necessary legal actions against him. The man tried to disturb the hearing thrice by singing different songs of actress’s movies.

The reason for this disturbance is the tweet posted by the actress herself where she had requested her followers to join the virtual hearing and she also had shared the link of the meeting.

Here is a small video clip of the interruption created during the hearing.



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