Learn the Art of motivating yourself

We all have dreams and try to achieve our goals and there are many of us who either do not have the necessary motivation or have lost it. Many of us then start blaming their fate/destiny for not being able to realize our dreams and fail to realize that it is we who are to be blamed for not being motivated enough.
In the daily rut and pressures of life, we have forgotten how to keep ourselves always going with batteries charged. With so many things to do and achieve in life, we have lost the art of motivating ourselves.

What is motivation?
Motivation is a temporal and dynamic state that should not be confused with personality or emotion. Motivation is having the desire and willingness to do something. A motivated person can be reaching for a long-term goal such as becoming a professional writer or a more short-term goal like learning how to spell a particular word.

a. Internal Motivation:
Internal Motivation occurs when people are internally motivated to do something because it either brings them pleasure, they think it is important, or they feel that what they are learning is morally significant. People with immense internal motivation get the required mental strength to achieve and reach towards their goals.

b. External Motivation:
External Motivation comes into play when an external factor or stimulus leads the person to be motivated. E.g. when a student is compelled to do something or act a certain way because of factors external to him or her (like money or good grades).
I am merely making an attempt to bring out some of the tips and tricks that I use to keep myself motivated. I would like to share with all of you these simple tips and tricks to that have kept me going with my batteries charged over the years.

How to motivate yourself?
1. Write down your goals and always keep thinking about it
The first step is to start with writing your goals with positive words. If you ever feel miserably down or think that you cannot achieve something, then pick up that piece of paper and read it all over again. When reading your goal statement, visualize nearing that goal. Visualize that you have achieved your goal and feel the achievement in your body in the form of goose bumps… and get yourself back on track.

2. Be aware of what you are doing
Always remember that it’s you who have planned your goal and it’s you who will achieve it. Always keep this in mind. If you don’t take measures to achieve it then you will never try. Always keep reminding yourself that by achieving your goals you will make a difference to yourself, your family and society in general. So the key point is that be aware of the actions that you take and analyze always if your actions help you near towards your goals.

3. Always remain positive
It is very important to always remain positive. Turbulences are part of our lives and to remain positive during that time is very important. Imagine yourself sitting in an airplane… and suddenly due to the forces of wind your plane faces turbulences… does your plane nosedive or tries its best to remain stable and keep flying ahead? The same applies to you. Life is filled with problems and every person has his/her share of it. It is up to us how we fight back. So always remember to remain positive during the darkest phase of your life.

4. Have friends who will push you up
Once a wise man said that “Let me know who your friends are and I will know a lot about you”. Always be around friends who will cheer you up and pep you up. A lot of our motivation comes from friends and family who are aware about your dreams and goals. Some of your friends might just be interested in your goal and keep giving you pointers and leads of how to get near your goal. My goal was to start this site and help the community in general to advance their careers and after several rounds of discussion with my friends and family they started sending in their ideas of the next article that I should write or the next improvement that I should do on the site. So my suggestion is that involve some of your most close friends with your goals and you will be surprised how they can make a difference

5. Read promotional stories
There is nothing like reading promotional stories of real people who have achieved the impossible despite their financial conditions, handicaps, etc. I find sudden stream of motivation flowing through my blood whenever I read stories of real people who have achieved the impossible. I try to associate myself and my situation with them and that helps me to make that extra bit of effort towards my journey to reach my goal.

6. Always carry a motivational quote with you
There are many available across the Internet and you can read them all, but I would recommend that have one quote which suits your situation and charges you a lot. Print it on a piece of paper and laminate it. The final laminated output should be that of the size of a credit card so that you can read it in bus/car/train or anywhere you feel the need to read it. You should make it a point to read it in the morning, afternoon and before you retire to bed. You should also read it when you feel that you are running low on your motivation.

7. Stop Procrastination
Procrastination is the single biggest enemy of motivation. If you keep postponing your tasks and achievables for a later day you will never have a sense of achievement. And, if you don’t have that sense of achievement you will never feel that you have accomplished anything. A sense of lack of accomplishment will result in low self-esteem and at this stage you will wish to go into your shell and do nothing worthwhile. Always plan your tasks and try your best to achieve it. This tunes your system to achieve more.


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