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Legal Notice served to Chief Secretary on DSS

The Chief Secretary of Goa B.Vijayan has been served a legal notice by Adv. Aires Rodrigues for non payment of Dayanand Social Security benefits since June this year to all the 1,20,000 beneficiaries.

In his legal notice Adv. Aires Rodrigues has demanded that all arrears to the beneficiaries be paid within 24 hours and that further payments be made promptly on the first of every month.

Drawing the Chief Secretary’s attention that the Dayanand Social Security scheme was launched by the Goa Government in 2001 as an initiative under “Freedom from Hunger” project, Adv. Rodrigues has stated that the beneficiaries which include 80,000 Senior Citizens, 30,000 widows and 10,000 disabled citizens are all without benefits from June this year despite this monthly monetary benefit being the only source of income and sustenance for these poor downtrodden beneficiaries.

Alleging that this blatant wanton neglect of this poorest and unprivileged section of society was despicable and unjustified, Adv. Rodrigues has in his legal notice stated that the welfare and well being of the poorest should have been the paramount priority of any government.

Adv. Rodrigues has further stated that it was intriguing that the government despite being unable to pay benefits in time to these beneficiaries was contemplating other welfare schemes and also taking several populist decisions having a financial impact.

Stating that it was a clear paradox, Adv. Rodrigues has also stated that unless the government was able to adequately implement existing schemes, any attempt to launch other welfare schemes would be inappropriate and undesirable.

Stating that it was apparent that the 1,20,000 beneficiaries under the Dayanand Social Security Scheme have not been paid from June due to the financial crunch the State exchequer faces, Adv. Rodrigues has told the Chief Secretary that it would be very appropriate for the government to adopt rigorous austerity measures and stop squandering money on unnecessary expenditure.

Demanding that all wasteful expenditure be stopped, Adv. Rodrigues has drawn the Chief Secretary’s attention that unnecessarily 11 lakhs was spent on the swearing in ceremony of the current government held on 9th March and that lakhs are down the drain on the four MLAs who are now on a joy ride to the United Kingdom at tax payer’s expense, while the Goa Government had no money to pay monthly benefits under the Dayanand Social Security scheme to the financially distressed Senior citizens, widows and the disabled

Stating that the non payment of monthly benefits under the Dayanand Social Security scheme was surprising and reflected the sordid state of affairs, Adv. Rodrigues has in his notice stated that in public interest he would be constrained to move the Bombay High Court at Goa for appropriate orders if immediate steps are not taken to pay the DSS beneficiaries all the pending arrears and further benefits on the first of every month.

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