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Let Lucky Farmhouse Produce Evidence First: Ravi Naik

The Police force in Goa appears to be all lost at sea and rapidly losing its credibility with charges of it being heavily politicized. What do you have to say about this as the Home Minister?
In the first place, there is no interference with the functioning of the police at all. My instructions to the police personnel are very clear – do your job and do not listen to any politician. In fact, the Goa Police’s performance is far better than that of many other states and it has improved its efficiency quite well. Not only has the detection rate improved, but prevention of crime is also better. However, I admit that these successes of the police are not highlighted in the media.

The police have lost a lot of face in the Mahanand Naik case where he has been acquitted in three cases giving the impression that the police framed him.
It is true that Mahanand was acquitted in three cases. But then, these were very old cases where the police could not find witnesses or evidence as many years had passed. However, wait and watch, in the more recent cases, Mahanand will surely be convicted.

Then we have the Atala case where it is believed that the police connived in the first place to let him get bail and later on to let him disappear from Goa.
This is truly misrepresentation of the facts. The job of the police is to prepare the case. There is the Prosecution Department which handles the matters in the court where the police are only witnesses. So the issue of Atala’s bail lies with that department. Secondly, one cannot expect police to keep tracks on all people who are out on bail as the Court has granted them bail. So how can the police be held responsible for Atala’s disappearance? After all he did not disappear from police custody.

The belief is that since Atala would have spilled the beans about your son Roy’s involvement, he was allowed to disappear.
My son is not involved. It is so easy to talk. It is my challenge, provide the evidence that my son is involved and action will be taken. Can we really give credence to a statement made by a jilted girlfriend without any supplementing evidence seriously? Let Lucky Farmhouse provide some evidence and the police will act on it. It is also said that police have not tried to contact Lucky. That is not true, police tried to meet her when she claimed to be in Mumbai but she did not respond to the mail.

But when fingers are being pointed directly at your family, shouldn’t there be some more transparency?
I have been in politics since the time of Opinion Poll and till date there is not a single case registered against me nor any whispers of my involvement in any anti-social or nefarious activities. My family also has a clean reputation. It is just now because some vested interests are affected with the manner in which I have handled the Home Department that they are trying to slur my reputation by dragging my son in it.

Who are the vested interest that have got ruffled?
Ever since I took over the Home Department, the rave parties where drugs were available freely have stopped. Nobody could stop this earlier, but I did it and this has obviously affected people including politicians who used to make a quick buck on such activities. It is these politicians whose income has stopped who are making these wild allegations.

You keep saying that there are politicians involved but why are you not naming them?
The time is not right to name these politicians. Everything will be done at the right time. I have been honest in my work and I sincerely work for the benefit of the people of Goa because of which I have so much support amongst the poor and oppressed sections. I want to ensure that we maintain the image of Goa being an oasis of peace because Goans can do without food but they want peace and tranquility.

However, the impression persists that you are weaker in the present role as Home Minister as against your earlier avtar as Home Minister when you broke the Goa Protectors and jailed the Alemao brothers.
Do not forget that the rave parties have stopped and two MLAs have spent time in police lock-up during my present tenure as Home Minister.

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