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Let the report be officially submitted: GPCC Spokesperson

Questioning the political motives behind the selective leak of the Shah Commission report on illegal mining in Goa; Goa Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson and general secretary, Vijai Sardesai, said, “It is strange that a report which has not yet reached the Ministry of Mines has been selectively leaked out to the national media. There is a natural process to such investigations.

It is the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government at the Centre with the Congress party leading it that has commissioned these investigations into illegal mining across the country not only Goa; therefore our aim is to curb illegal mining and bring a structure to mining across the country. The purpose is to correct any wrong that is taking place nationally. And if the report which is to be submitted does indeed carry details of the involvement of certain politicians even in the Congress-led government in Goa and has gross violations, we will take appropriate corrective measures.”

Terming the selective leakages of official report to media even before it is submitted as a planned attack on the Congress-led government in the state for political interest, Sardesai said, “Just like the PAC report which was more a Parrikar’s Account Committee report rather than a Public Accounts Committee report which was selectively leaked out to media and it led to a premature death of the report; I hope this too does not meet the same faith, because of the over enthusiasm of the media and the selective leakages done by certain individuals with politically vested interest. As Congress government we would like to take corrective action and we want to follow the proper procedures not respond to a trial by media or a political witch-hunt”.

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