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Life of an Army

We all celebrate republic day on 26th January and other red-letter days which remains the national holiday for one and all. From being a national holiday, we see hosting of the flag, passing of the parades, salutes by several air forces and also the national anthem being sung along with the distribution of sweets. Apart from all these things we need to know the life of the person for whom we have been doing such gestures of respect. We all have heard several stories about how brave Indian army we had had and even now we have those soldiers and army men who protect us and our country. Have we ever thought of how simple our life had been with respect to those men, san risks, sans sacrifice?

The army is the one in front of whom we all bow with respect, the most noble, respectable and the hard working duty than any other job. For an army, they do not even have time for having their meal properly or watching movies or series like we do for refreshment. We cannot think of being away from our smartphones and they are the one who remain away from their families. They do not have time for themselves. All they do for their own is being disciplined and punctual. They need to have a command on using their weapons as well. As a normal person, we devote some months or years learning a particular course or subject, but in case of an army, they need to practice daily and prepare themselves mentally, physically as well as emotionally before facing another new day. They are well aware that their every breath is meant for their country and not for them. The one who is present at the border deserves the highest amount of priority, respect and love. They themselves do not know whether they will be able to see the sunrise the next day or not. We keep complaining of the changing seasons, in summer it is too hot and in winters it is too cold. We do not even think for even a second that it is the same heat of the sun under which the army men prepare themselves for facing any situation. The winter season that we complain of is twice as cold as we think during the night at borders of Jammu and Kashmir. They also have to stay awake in some fishy situations when the temperature is below 0 degrees. One cannot imagine spending one’s night in a sleep bag and that too in icy, chilly winter nights, covered with snow all around.

The army remain deprived of meeting their family members. Sometimes they are not fortunate enough to see their family for the second time in an entire year. The call of duty makes these soldiers sacrifice their own lives before anyone. They sacrifice their sleep so that we, the normal citizens could have a sound sleep every night. They are ready to die for the country, let alone the minor cuts and wounds. They are not afraid to face the bullets or grenades. They only have one principle to follow and that is to protect their country by all means. It is too difficult to imagine the amount of pressure they undergo and sacrifices they make. We are able to heave a sigh of relief because of these brave patriots who had undergone sleepless nights. We all talk about the break-ups and all, on the other hand we have these soldiers who eagerly wait for letters from their near and dear ones. It is disheartening that people know the names of the celebrity from all over the world but we do not care about the name of the army men, the real heroes. Today we all are social media addict but how much do we share the news of the army men highlighting their bravery and sacrifice that they make for their country? Does anyone spread the news of these people being awarded for their good work? Yes, but very rarely. In today’s world, we all are money-oriented. Everyone is just interested in knowing about the richest person in the world but nobody talks about the one who is rich by heart, who thinks about everyone else before one’s own life.

The army has done and is still doing a lot for us which cannot be described in words. We need to understand their efforts and abide by the principles which are made for the betterment of the country. At anywhere at any time, we all should be disciplined and have love for our country. Our national flag “Tiranga” is not just a flag but it is an emotion. It is an emotion that fills every eye with tears of pride for the soldiers’ bravery, whenever the flag is hosted. Our country’s national anthem is a feeling that enrages every soul and reminds us of the sacrifices made by the brave youths for the sake of their country. This all states that going under army line is not as easy as choosing engineering and medical. It is a feeling that generates within an individual and the conditions that inspire them to dedicate their life for the country. The “Khaki” uniform, the parade, the air force, the jetfighters, the navy etc. all deserve a grand salute from the bottom of the heart of every individual. We all need to take inspiration from these patriots who had shed their blood without complaining and literally glorified the “red-letter” day. 

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle


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