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List Of Illegal Mines Sought By Govt. Panel

The sub committee on Vision Document for Environment and Sustainable Development has urged all NGOs and concerned citizens, to provide detailed information on the mines operating illegally in the State so that they can be mentioned in the government’s Vision Document that is being prepared under the Chairmanship of Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar as part of the Golden Jubilee celebration of Goa’s liberation.

Chairman of the sub-committee Madhav Gadgil, a well known environmentalist admitted that the existence of illegal mines cannot be denied and said that a list of these mines has to be prepared so that they can be stopped.
The committee in collaboration with Centre for Environment Education will also study the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and compliance of conditions laid down in the environmental clearances with regards to the mines operated with permissions.
Madhav Gadgil disclosed that he has come across cases where the Ministry of Environment and Forests has given clearance for mining operations despite warnings in the EIA of large scale environmental damage likely to be caused by the mining operations.
The committee will also interact with villagers to find out whether the Gram Sabha resolution are honoured by the government as according to Gadgil, there are cases where there is a conflict between people’s desires and government’s decisions.
Gadgil assured that strict action will be taken against the mines operating illegally as these will also be presented to the Central ministry. He also expressed confidence that the state government will accept the report and act accordingly failing which, he said at least the people will know what their government has not done.


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