Little Millennium Women’s Redefines Empowerment by Launching an Aggressive Drive to Scale its Network of Preschools through Franchising

Did you know that a recent report tabled by The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM – 2016-17) revealed that last year an estimated 163 million women were starting or running new businesses in 74 economies around the world? Additionally, an estimated 111 million were running established businesses! Clearly, Women Entrepreneurship is on the rise. These women are setting up or running all kinds of diverse businesses: from micro to high growth, from supporting life to creating wealth, from hair salons to high tech and everything in between.



Little Millennium Women’s Redefines Empowerment


Riding on this trend and backed by its single-minded mission, Little Millennium, one of the best preschools in India since 2008, today embarked on a massive pan India drive to strengthen and expand its preschool franchise network, to empower women to become entrepreneurs and start their own preschools. This was announced today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2018, at Little Millennium’s Teacher Excellence Awards function.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Raman Bajaj, Chief Executive Officer, Little Millennium Education Pvt. Ltd., said, “Women have all the qualities required for leadership and entrepreneurship. They are good listeners, build lasting relationships more easily, are detail oriented, organised, decisive, and are great at multi-tasking. Yet, many women hold back their entrepreneurial instincts, due to risk of failure. Franchising is a medium, through which, women entrepreneurs can minimize risks and fulfil their entrepreneurial aspirations. At Little Millennium, we have been empowering women since 2008, to become entrepreneurs, setup schools and preschools, provide quality education and give back to society. As our business partners, they get license to use our brand, they get access to our award-winning curriculum, they get round-the-year support on curriculum delivery, teacher trainings, marketing, product development, people development, operations, technology & systems. Last 10 years have been glorifying and extremely heartening. I am proud to say that over 75% of our franchisees are women. These women are ambitious, hardworking and determined. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and a ‘I can do this’ attitude about them. They are running preschool centres successfully, they have been growing the scale of their operations, they are learning about sales, marketing and operations. They are becoming better people managers and better leaders. It is through their efforts, that today Little Millennium preschools have served over 100,000 children and their families.” 


I am happy to share that from a modest start since 2008; today we have over 500 preschools operational across over 100 cities pan-India. Our plan is to expand our operation to 1000 centers by growing our network in untapped cities, in the hinterland of India, over the next few years. With the rapidly growing demand for preschool education, and our established franchising model in place, we look forward to partnering with like-minded and passionate entrepreneurs, to harness this demand and take the benefits of high quality preschool education to parents all over the country.”


Adding further, Mrs. Manjit Legha (Deputy Director, Academics & Training) said, “Early childhood education holds the key to a successful career and a good life, as it lays the building blocks for all future learning. We are proud to work closely with over 3000 teachers (all women!!), who are building the future, one-child-at-a-time. We empower our teachers through round-the-year trainings, skill development programs and workshops. The purpose of the Teacher Excellence Awards function today, is to felicitate and reward our teachers, as we are cognizant of the fact that dedicated teachers play a key role in shaping up our childrenthrough their skills, efforts and hardwork.


She concluded by saying, “As women, we are custodiansof our home and society at large and there could never be a better opportunity to be a partner in this glorious journey. We are here to create leaders out of our partners. It is here that we groom them and enhance their capabilities to become successful entrepreneurs.


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