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Lobo’s ‘Nigerian’ targeting continues amidst Indo-Nigeria relationship strain

Parra Village popular with Nigerians until recently, on Tuesday in its Gram Sabha resolved not to allow home-owners to lease rooms to Nigerians with student visas.

Speaking to reporters after passing the resolution at a specially convened meeting of panchayat, the sarpanch of Parra village, Delilah Lobo and also the Calangute MLA Lobo’s wife, said the decision was taken in order to “save” the village from Nigerians, most of whom she claimed “lived in Goa on fake papers and dealt in drugs”.

It is however interesting to note that Nigerians began making some parts Parra village as their base since the last two-years. Nineteen months of which has been when Michael Lobo has been the MLA of the Calangute constituency. Raising questions on the sudden targeting of the Nigerians, its connection with the drug trade and  benefit certain political patrons since Lobo failed to even acknowledge the Goa government’s own ‘House Committee Report on Drugs’ that highlighted the involvement of Nigerians in the drug trade in his own constituency. “I am against drugs. And I will fight with my own government to get rid of drugs in Goa in particular my constituency.”

But when questioned on fellow MLA Dayanand Mandrekar’s alleged involvement in the drug-trade, “Unless there is proof, an allegation remains a mere allegation. I don’t think Mandrekar is involved in any drug-trade. This is just media hype.”

The murder of a Nigerian last Thursday in Parra, allegedly by a rival drug gang triggered riot-like situation with over 100 Nigerians taking on people as well as the police as they blocked the National Highway-17 demanding consular presence during the post-mortem examination of their compatriot.  

“We do not want them here. They have caused us a lot of nuisance,” MLA further reiterated his stand to

The incident triggered a knee-jerk reaction from the state government, which initiated a drive against all foreigners living in Goa on inadequate documents.

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