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Locals Demand PI Dalvi’s Dismissal

Arrosim residents irked with the manner in which Melvyn Gomes’ death was investigated by the police have threatened not to conduct the final rites till Police Inspector Jivba Dalvi is dismissed from service.
It may be recalled that Melvyn was found dead in a pit dug to construct a toilet for a hotel project in the village and police registered it as a case of unnatural death. However, a second autopsy conducted following the locals’ demand has not ruled out homicide.

The villagers besides pointing out that Dalvi arrived at the scene hours after it was reported also said that incriminating evidence like the cover of a mobile phone, blood samples on walls, etc, was not collected by the police.
The locals claim that Melvyn was murdered because he knew about the illegalities committed by the promoters of the hotel project and named one lady and a Mumbai based person as prime suspects.
Melvyn’s brother Anthony revealed that even though they had maintained right from the beginning that his brother was murdered, the police ignored them and registered a case of unnatural death.

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