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Locals To Oppose MPT’s Marina

Traditional fisher folks from Nauxi are gearing up to fight the Mormugao Port Trust and M/s Kargwal Constructions Pvt Ltd that has been granted a 30 year lease to construct and operate a Marina off the village coast.
The main reason for the locals to unite is the fear of losing their only means of livelihood, which they will be snatched away from them to provide berthing facilities for the fancy vessels of the rich and the mighty,
A meeting held on Sunday on the issue saw the entire community gathered to protect their livelihood and local MLA Francis Silveira joined the villagers to urge them to launch a mass agitation to protect their rights.

Recalling his roots Francis Silveira said that he is aware of the adverse impact the marina will have on the fishing community since he too belongs to them. “Fishermen will not be able to go out to the sea from the places where they launch their canoes now and worse will be the fact that they will not have any place to berth their traditional vessels,” he said.
While revealing that Chief Minister Digambar Kamat had assured him that no such development would be allowed in Siridao, Francis Silveira said he would take up the case of Mauxi villagers also to the chief minister.
Zilla Panchayat representative Suresh Palkar gave the details of the deal between MPT and M/s Kargwal Constructions Pvt. Ltd., under which the company has been given 1 lakh sq mts of foreshore water area to develop a marina, which he said would bring in yatchs, cruise boats, pleasure boats, floating casinos and other vessels catering to the whims and fancies of the rich.
“Once these vessels start docking at the marina, they will begin looking at our village and our houses as an eyesore and then will begin the real intention of this project, which is to displace the inhabitants,” he said alleging that this project is a mere front for real estate developers to enter the village.
While the local Sarpanch Subhash Dias stressed the need for the people to remain united to show their strength, other local representatives like panchas Ramchandra Kankonkar, Teja Adkonkar and Bhagirathi Dias along with local residents Datta Palkar and John Viegas spoke at the meeting.

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