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Lokayukta not yet finalized officially: Goa Law Commissioner

While the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has yesterday publicly declared that the Lokayukta for Goa has been finalized, Goa Law Commissioner and BJP General Secretary Narendra Sawaikar in a telephonic conversation has stated that the government formed Lokayukta Committee has not yet had a chance to meet and finalize the Lokayukta.

“No Lokayukta has been officially confirmed yet, though we have zeroed down on a name, “confirmed Sawaikar.

At a recently held BJP-held public rally, the Chief Minister said that, “Yes it was promised to appoint Lokayukta within 100 days from coming to power. However all should understand the delay was due to genuine reasons like lack of availability of good judges and lack of willingness by good judges which actually stretched the process. These reasons were to a major extent beyond control of State Govt. authorities. The state government however had received Presidential assent for the State Lokayukta within 65 days of coming to power which was a feat by itself. No other government for the State of Goa had even tried to do this. Simultaneously 36 administrative posts for Lokayukta were also approved by State Cabinet at a speedy pace.”

Some media reports have carried the name a retired judge B S Reddy is to be appointed as Goa Lokayukta but that has not been confirmed as yet.

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