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Loliem-Polem Gram Sabha Object To RP 2021

Villagers of Loliem-Polem strongly condemned the government for permitting back door entry to money bags from outside the state by changing the land use in their village. The villagers referred to three specific instances where despite the fact that the village body had not recommended the change of land use, the authorities have done so.

Some villagers pointed out that all three properties have been purchased by non-Goans who propose to set up some project which could be housing or hotel in the area and strongly criticized the government for going against the villagers’ wishes to help others by demarcating these areas as eco-tourism sites.
They were also quite irked with the authorities for rejecting the villagers proposal to classify roadside areas where people have constructed their houses, as settlement zone.
The villagers demanded that the notified Regional Plan 2021 for their village be amended immediately to incorporate the demand and needs of the local people.


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