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Loliyekar Suspended, Acharya takes over as Director of Mines

The Director of Mines Arvind Loliyekar who has been in the midst of the ‘Goa Illegal Mining’ scam has been suspended and Prasanna Acharya is the Additional District Collector South Goa is to take over the reign of the Department of Mines and Geology.

This decision has been taken by the Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar this afternoon following investigating into the poor functioning of the DoM and rampant reports of illegal mining continuing to exist in the state.

The change in guard is expected to bring about proper functioning into the DoM and is also expected to witness a tightening of the mining sector and clamping down on the illegal mining in the state which according to BJP’s own estimates is over Rs 25,000 crore.


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