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Loyola College has not apologised for Anti Hindu, Anti-RSS and Anti-BJP Exhibition

Chennai: Even after a huge uproar and filing of a police complaint by BJP leader in Tamil Nadu, the Loyola College Management has not issued an apology for allowing the exhibition in which derogatory exhibits were used against a particular religious group, social institution, political party and country’s leadership.

Though an apology had been put up on its Twitter handle, it was an unsigned apology letter written under the name of one Dr Kaleeswaran. IndianExpose investigations into the matter revealed that Dr Kaleeswaran is a part-time coordinator in the Arts and Literature Unit of the Loyola Student Support Services and not the senior management of Loyola College.

In the claimed apology letter in possession with,  Dr Kaleeswaran, Coordinator, Art and Literary Unit, LSSS Loyola College said, “We are deeply pained, saddened and equally anguished that the venue to conduct a cultural event – Veethi Virudhu Vizha, held on January 19th, 2019 and 20th January, 2019 has been misused, our illustrious and pluralistic campus was used for derogative exhibits against a particular religious group, social institution, political party and country’s leadership.”

The claimed note apology note further states that the management acknowledges their lapse and sincerely apologises for the insurmountable hurt this has caused and that they removed the exhibits when it was brought to their notice.

GoaChronicle poses three pertinent questions:

  1. Why does a part-time coordinator of Student Support Services of the Loyola College issue an apology that is on a plain piece of paper and not even the letterhead of the institute?
  2. Why did the Loyola College Twitter handle take down the Claimed Apology Letter?
  3. The event Veedhi Virudhu Vizha is organised by the Loyola Student Support Services. Is the Loyola Management not aware of the contents of the event organised under its banner and has been happening for several years?

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