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Lucknow: No masks, no medicines

Lucknow: From not getting medicines at the pharmacies to being fined, not wearing masks in the state capital could attract inconvenience.

In view of a spike in the number of coronavirus cases, the administration is getting stricter about masks.

People will not get medicines at the medical stores if they are not wearing masks, while the railway administration will charge Rs 100 fine from people who are violating the rule at Charbagh station and Lucknow Junction starting today.

The imperative to wear masks while buying medicines at the medical store will be strictly followed. The Lucknow Chemists Association announced the same following a meeting of wholesale and retail vendors on Wednesday.

Association Head Giriraj Rastogi said that crowds have increased in the market due to Holi. On the other hand, the number of coronavirus cases has also increased. In view of this, there will be no trade without wearing masks. This system will be applicable both to the wholesale as well as retail markets. Alongside, the markets will also be sanitized from time to time. The medicine dealers will also be motivated for vaccination.

Lucknow has a large number of medicine shops and about 25,000 customers come to buy medicines every day at these shops. They also have vendors from far-flung areas of Lucknow as well as other districts. Business worth crores of rupees happens daily at these shops.

A large number of people from Maharashtra and Punjab are coming to Lucknow daily. Corona outbreak is higher in both these states.

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