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Lucky Farmhouse drops a bomb on politician-police drug nexus: CBI Sources

Though the statement of Lucky Farmhouse – Swedish girlfriend of accused drug-dealer Atala – has not been made public; has learnt through very reliable sources in the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) that her statement throws a serious and highly questionable light on the politician-police drug nexus in the state.

Sources in CBI have told that Farmhouse has categorically named senior police officers (including former senior police officer) and politicians along with their kin as the people behind the drug peddling in Goa and they being the people with whom Atala was associated.”

Though the CBI sources were not willing the divulge more details, it has been learnt that her statement is being considered to be damaging and brings a cloud of doubt on the functioning of the police department through its political patronage in the drug trade in the state, especially during the Congress regime, when the Home Minister was Ravi Naik.

CBI sources reveal another shocking fact that the Crime Branch was in possession of this information as early as 2011, but they chose to sleep on the crucial information.

The government has set-up a House Committee to also investigate into the politician-police drug nexus. The committee chairman Francisco Xavier Pacheco (Mickky) is expected to release House Committee report shortly.

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