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Ludovic Dias Buyao Rocks Konkani’s Lucky Winner

Ludovic Dias, a resident of Calangute won cash prize of Rs10, 000/- for ordering Buyao Rocks Konkani music album through its SMS service.

Buyao Rocks Konkani, produced by Buyao Theatres, Goem, had introduced the SMS service at the launch of the album by which one could order for the home delivery of the album. Cash prize of Rs 10, 000/- was also announced for one lucky buyer.

The album that had music by Sidhanath Buyao created a record by selling over two thousand copies even before its release by using social networking site Facebook.

Sidhanath Buyao revealed that more than three thousand copies have been sold through the SMS service.

He also said that today people want everything instantaneously and Goa doesn’t have a good network of marketing audio albums except through stalls in cities. He further added that the SMS service has benefitted people not only from Goa, but also from Mangalore and Mumbai.

Buyao is presently composing an album of Konkani devotional songs on Lord Sai Baba whose lyrics are written by poet Sanjay Borkar.

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