Madras Security Printers Developed an Innovative GPS Based Fleet and Fuel Management Project for Chennai Corporation

The e-Governance Leader Madras Security Printers (MSP) has developed a GPS based software for Greater Chennai Corporation for Fleet & Fuel Management.



GPS Based Fleet and Fuel Management Project


The Fleet management system developed will help in monitoring the vehicles for efficient operations – reducing the operation cost and fuel usages, given the fact that Greater Chennai Corporation‘s mechanical engineering department uses thousands of vehicles for its daily activites.


The Fleet Management tool was developed to monitor the Vehicle maintance, Driver managament, Accident managament, Vehicle asset managament, Fuel management & Vehicle usage.


Fleet Management System, is a technologically advanced method of remote vehicle tracking and monitoring. It has emerged as a widely used LBS (Location Based System) application in developed countries and it has had a major impact on the conscious of developing countries like India. Accuracy of location data is of prime importance along with ease of use and availability of the technology. Keeping this in view GPS (Global Positioning System) has emerged as the key technology used in location finding for Fleet Management.


About Madras Security Printers

Madras Security Printers is a 42-year-old company and a leader in E-governance and High Security printing. The organization has a successful track record of implementing several e-governance projects in states namely Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, UP, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Rajasthan and in several countries across the globe.


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