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Magisterial Enquiry Nails Police



North Goa Magistrate Mihir Vardhan’s enquiry into the Balli incident has nailed the police for not only its intelligence failure but also its failure to prevent the death of two activists as it notes that the police remained as mute spectators while the crowd threw the two into the fire.

The report submitted to the Chief Secretary while noting that the police force was inadequate, specifically notes that the police remained mute spectators as a mob threw the two youngsters into the fire to seek revenge.


The report squarely blames the police for the chaos and subsequent violence at Balli on 25th May primarily due to the failure of its intelligence gathering which resulted in a very thin police presence in the face of such a huge crowd that had gathered that day.

The report contradicts Police Spokesperson Atmaram Deskhpande’s claim that there was no failure in intelligence gathering and upholds the United Tribals Associations Alliance which had always maintained that their leaders were murdered.

The magistrate has also held UTAA leaders responsible for the damage caused to the public property and also the attack on policemen and specially on Superintendent of Police Tony Fernandes.



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