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Mahanand Says Cops Framed Him


Mahanand Naik who was accused of having murdered 18 girls over a period of 15 years, earning him the nickname ‘dupatta killer’ has charged the police of framing him in these cases.
He spoke to media persons while being led away from the court premises, Mahanand Naik said the police tortured him the lock up to force him to ‘confess’ to the crimes he never committed and further alleged that the police carried bones with them whenever he was taken to different spots for investigations and those bones would be noted to have been picked up from those spots.

“What can you do when you are in police custody and being beaten all the time,” he asked while explaining why he confessed to those crimes.
Mahanand Naik who has been acquitted in three murder cases, has however, been found guilty of raping his wife’s friend and the sentence on this case will be pronounced on 7th October.


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