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Mahanand’s Acquittals To Be Challenged

The government is going to appeal in the High Court against the acquittals granted to Mahanand Naik who the police claimed to be a serial killer.
Mahanand has been acquitted of murder charges in seven of the 18 cases filed against him. Sessions Court in Panjim and Margao gave Mahanand the benefit of doubt as the prosecution could not prove the charges against him.

Police had accused Mahanand of killing the 18 girls using the same modus operandi – befriending the girl and after promising marriage to her would ask her to come to meet his parents dressed in her best clothes along with jewellery and then he would reportedly take her to an isolated place and strangulate her.
Home Minister Ravi Naik disclosed that the Directorate of Prosecution has been asked to examine all the acquittals and based on the study, the appeals will be filed.

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