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Maharashtra present imperfect : solutions and way forward


Let me ask a question to begin with : is there any emotion as fatal as that of a woman scorned!?!

Yes, possibly its parental affliction. And if the progeny isnt able by his / her own right,  it’s a recipe for sheer disaster !

Our popular culture, history is replete with examples of parental affliction or blind parental love. One can start with Ramayana: Kaikeyi’s affliction for Bharata, in Mahabharata: Dhritarashtra’s for Duryodhana, in Mauryan times: Bindusara’s for Suseema, in  Mughal times: Shah Jahan’s for Dara Shikoh.

My mentioning progeny as “able in his / her own right” needs some elaboration. If the concerned individual was / is not the best choice for kingship, leadership under prevailing circumstances, I will refer to the same as being “not able”.

So what’s so fatal about parental affliction: it blinds or makes one insensitive to the larger goal and pushes one to pursue the smaller, narrower individual goal which isnt the most optimal solution for society, state or country at large.

Winning an ally is priority over land or gold.

Yajnavalkya smriti
Acharadhyaye 352

 Losing an ally is to be construed as equally bad. The steps taken by Shiv Sena in it’s pursuit for CM position :

  1. Ally with BJP in Maharashtra pre-election but no agreement on CM seat sharing
  2. Playing hard ball post elections even when seats won are half of that of it’s larger ally
  3. Going public on ditching BJP even at the centre for support from NCP and Congress as regards the numbers

All the above for a rookie with zero relevant experience ! The end being more important for the Shiv Sena than the means, it’s a clear case of harikiri by parental affliction.

Na Nirmito Na Chaiva Drishtapurva, Na Sruyate Hemamaya Kuranga,
Tathapi trishna Raghunandanashya, Vinashkaale Viparithbuddhi.

– Chanakyaneeti : 16.5

Neither a golden deer has ever been made nor has anyone seen or heard of a golden deer. Nevertheless, Rama desired to get the golden deer.

In the time of destruction, the intelligence goes opposite. (i)

 Taking cue from above Chanakyaneeti, it can be construed Shiv Sena is hurtling towards the path of self destruction and naturally it’s think tank has taken decisions inimical to it’s own self interests : there was no golden deer for CM post available to Shiv Sena given it’s the smaller ally and with no pre-election agreement but it still believed there was one!

Somebody will buzz why this deserves an op-ed /study !?! Sure it does. Whenever, this has happened, the people, state, society has been thrown into some of the biggest yaw yawing instability and see sawing of fortune. Looking back at all the examples stated at the beginning of this piece: fourteen years lapsed before Kingdom of Kosala in Ramayana got its rightful successor in Rama, almost same amout of time for Hastinapur in getting Yudhistira, four  years lapsed post Bindusara’s death to Ashoka’s ascension to the throne of Magadha and about a year lapsed before Aurangzeb crowned himself king following Shahjahan’s illness. Looking at the sheer time lapsed with no ruler on throne, it can be hypothesised easily that  the concerned state or kingdom or country went through some bout of instability and fluidity with the brunt borne by the subjects of the time.

This obviously begs a solution. However, by wishing that good sense prevails on the errant partner isn’t enough ! Can the Election Commission bring in rules (eg., exit load for ally partner going astray in terms of percentage of GDP loss to state / country due to delay in government formation) to arrest such deviations and anomalies post elections ? I feel in the context of greater good of society, state, country this needs a debate and discussion across the political spectrum and also at the highest levels. Nobody loves a surprise : not in corporates and not even the electorate.

Errant, flippant behaviour of political parties needs to be checked : flippancy never augers well in either personal or public life!

(i): From translation by Atmaprajnananda Saraswati

By Author,

Devamalya De

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