MAIDofied Life!

My phone bell rang; it was 5.30am in the morning. My heart started beating fast thinking who is calling at this hour and if there is any bad news. Yes, I was right, my maid called to inform me that she won’t be coming for work. Hearing that my sleep flew away and I started calculating how I am going to manage work today. My temper went high, felt so stressed at that moment and suddenly started feeling incompetent and so dependent on external person for doing my work. That moment I took a deep breath and started thinking.


Read below.

In ancient India we heard that Raja-Maharaja used to have big Empires. They used to have many Das/Dasiya working for them. It was obvious because they had other social affairs to focus. Depending on the needs skilled/unskilled labor used to work for them in different departments. Maids were highly responsible for the household maintenance and hence used to call as housekeeper.

Today we aren’t King and don’t even have Kingdom but still become so much used to the system of taking domestic help for every small thing like cooking, cleaning, babysitting etc. Why are we so dependent on them that cannot even think of starting day without their help?

Simple answer is, Men & Women in the house are going out for work and they do not have time to do house jobs. No one else is in the family to take basic responsibility. They earn decent amounts and are ready to pay helpers to make life easy. But is our life really getting easy? Ask yourself?

When Indians move/settle outside India then they do everything on their own. We show maximum efficiency in handling personal and professional life. Then what happens when we are in India. We have helpers easily available here and we feel that by taking help we can concentrate on better skillful jobs. That is surely an intellect decision. But while doing so we also welcome many other challenges in life.

We are buying stress by giving money. Or is it other way around, these days they are ruling over us by taking money. Life is getting more complicated.

Think, how and why? Post-independence, the Government of India came up with a lot of policies for BPL people and started giving rashan at very low cost and sometimes even free. It is like roti, kapda & makaan policy under welfare scheme. During election season they used to get free clothes, utensils, appliances, and cash amount as well. They had no restrictions on family planning. More family members mean more income. They used to participate in election campaign rallies for free food and liquor.

Minimum monthly income of the family is above 30k. Today every essential commodity required such as TV, internet pack on a smartphone, fridge, washing machine and some even afford to keep babysitters as well. But still, they fall under BPL.

They earn well and it is great for them, but the question is what is the source of earning?

Earned money is cash, and it is not deposited in any bank. White money is openly converted into black money. Where is our money going? And we do not even have an idea where and how it’s going to be used further.

Do they pay tax to the government? Is that money getting counted anywhere? And hence does not directly contribute to the economy of the country.

Current Government is providing free education, but kids drop out from schools because they get more excited offers to earn money by doing some odd jobs. Most of the migrants possess their own land but rather than working as a proud farmer they choose to work as a labour. They do not support the current government and neither vote them because they don’t get money for voting. Current government asks them to work hard and become AatmaNirbhar. But oppose and demand for free monetary benefits. They do not realize that an easy source of income does not last for long. So, generation by generation this trend is continuing, and the poverty ratio remains as it is or more.

We always think; why does India remain persistently poor, especially a specific group of its population? It is not true though. Even though the Government is providing many benefits such as free education, money to build houses, schemes for girl child, loan for farming & small-scale industry to enhance regional expertise, advance technology benefits, health care but the problem is not everyone wants to do hard work.

Genuine students with a post-grad degree have to start a job with just Rs 7000. Struggle so much to reach a decent position in their professional career. Another problem is reservation in our country for education till you get the job. Education is very much underrated. Certain group of populations suffers even after taking higher education for employment. In India empowerment & employment is not directly proportional to qualification & education. Cheap labours are available hence skills take a back step.

So, coming back to my earlier point.

Now we must decide, do we want Modified life or Maidofied life?

Few small changes can make our life easy and peaceful.

  1.       Optimized kitchen work (with or without helper); buy packed & clean groceries, chopped vegetables. Else get all such work done over the weekend. Do halfway cooking preparations over the weekend. This will save your time during the week.
  2.       Automate thing as much as possible. Make use of technology; washing machine is the best example. Likewise, we can also start using dishwashers, floor cleaners, food processors etc.
  3.       If you are a working mother, find out some nice and professional day care centres in your city.  They are reliable in giving 5 days a week service.
  4.       Pay your domestic helpers via bank transactions or cheques strictly.
  5.       If you are living in the society/area then make a standardized payment chart for each job. So that there will not be any discrepancies.
  6.       Certain professional do’s/do not should be implemented inside society premises to avoid any unnecessary chaos.

During 2020 lockdown situation we did everything by our own and in genuine sense it was AatmaNirbhar situation.

Although in India we are used to taking domestic help which is not wrong, if we try to discipline ourselves then life will be peaceful and simple.

Support women who really want to work hard, earn, and make their life better. Help such families where kids really wish to study. Educate at least one poor child in your lifetime.

Let the right person do the right job and live a good life!


Article By: Radhika Kashikar

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