Make your Businesses Overcome the Challenges of Time with Notion Press’ Mask Behind the Face

Notion Press’ latest book, Mask Behind the Face, is the perfect roadmap for CFOs, CEOs and Company Boards to stay ahead of the times and competition while reinventing their businesses. Written by Anil Goel, former Executive Director and CFO of Taj Group of Hotels, the book brings out the author’s three and a half decades of experience in transforming some of the most renowned businesses in India to the fore.

Mask Behind the Face

Maintaining successful businesses for an extended period of time is a challenge for any leader in the corporate sector. All businesses face the challenges and competition that arise with time. How businesses face up to this challenge and transform themselves reflects their ability to stay successful and at the top for a long time. Mask Behind the Face is an experiential business history which is anecdotal, diagnostic and prescriptive.

Mr. Anil Goel

Drawing inferences from the author’s professional experience during his tenure at Tata Global Beverages and Indian Hotels Company, there are several case studies presented to the readers to emphasise the importance of identifying the challenges, finding the factors that lead to success and failure and the need for timely course correction at all levels of an organisation.

During his professional life, Anil Goel has donned several financial roles including that of the CFO of Tata Global Beverages before retiring as the Executive Director and CFO of Taj Group of Hotels in 2016. With his expertise in business restructuring and change management solutions, he brought a unique understanding of fiscal responsibility to the organisations he worked for. The author, among other positions, has also served as a Non-executive Director on the boards of Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Ltd., Oriental Hotels Ltd., United Overseas Hotels Inc and Tata Coffee Ltd.

Anil Goel is a graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce and is a Charted Accountant. In order to keep the book lively and exciting, he has sought the inspiration of rock and roll legends who, through their music and lyrics, have moulded his thinking and beliefs while also providing solace in difficult times.

Talking about the title of the book, Anil Goel says, “Our true personality and the many emotions that we display are not disclosed in the daily course of our lives. It influences the kind of managers we become, and our behavior and conduct influence the businesses that we run and their destiny. I am sure this book will come in handy for upcoming leaders and managers to learn different aspects that one needs to take care of be it operations, board management, financial reforms, pricing and the art of managing a balance sheet, etc. People seldom talk about these experiences and knowledge.”

The book is available in print and e-book format online at the Notion Press bookstore and several e-commerce platforms including Amazon and Flipkart.

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