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Making Goa Plastic Free

In a bid to make Goa plastic free, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar announced major clean-up from this month-end.

The plastic garbage littered on Goan beaches would be cleared before the next tourist season, said Parrikar and informed that the State Infrastructure Development Corporation has been assigned the job of collecting plastic garbage along the roadside and beaches and PWD will employ its labourers to clean the plastic mess.

The state government has inked a deal with ACC cement factory in Karnataka which will use plastic as a raw material.

Stating that there will be no garbage on the beaches by September end; he informed that a comprehensive plant to treat mixed garbage will also be set up.

The state government has already started clearing the construction debris dumped on the highways. Parrikar said the state government would identify sites where debris could be dumped to resolve the issue.

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