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Malik seeks 50,000 Remedesivir injection daily for Maharashtra

Aurangabad: The NCP national spokesperson and state Minorities Minister Nawab Malik on Thursday expressed displeasure on the central government over its supplying of ‘Remedesivir’ injection, saying that the Central Government should supply 50,000 injections to the state instead of 26,000 per day.

Mr Malik in his series of Tweets strongly objected to the central government’s recent release of Remedicivir injection data to various states in the country.

As per data, the state will supply only 26,000 injections, so Mr Malik has expressed fear that the crisis will escalate.

So far, the state government has been getting 36,000 Remedesivir injections per day and according to the new allocation, only 26,000 injections will be received daily in Maharashtra.

Mr Malik further says that in view of the growing prevalence of corona in the state, the reserves are being provided by the central government would become insufficient and create more serious problems.

The state government has already demanded the central government to supply 50,000 Remedesivir injections daily.

So, Malik has expressed his displeasure over the policy of the Central Government, he added.

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