Mamata allows a 100% occupancy at the KIFF

Recreation is an important activity which is needed for the upliftment of the greater public consisting of the young and the old people. Corona virus has indeed taken a toll on the lives of the common people and have disrupted their natural needs and the habitat, ‘entertainment’ being the main component here.

The CM of Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, keeping in mind the needs of the people in order to get some fresh air and to enable their thought process allowed occupancy in cinema halls during week long Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) up to a percentile of hundred.

Kolkata International Film Festival is a festival that showcases one of the greatest films and all documentaries of all times. Due to the prevailing pandemic situation the KIFF was postponed and was scheduled to be held from the 8th January 2021 to 15th January 2021. The CM announced the news on the social media handle stating, “After receiving global film fraternity’s consent, I hereby inform all stakeholders of Kolkata International Film Festival & cine lovers that our festival has been rescheduled, given the current circumstances. It will now be held from Jan 8 to Jan 15, 2021. Let the preparations begin!”

Advantages of the same can be- Opening of cinema halls for the festival will definitely open huge learning opportunities for the upcoming future young generation and the film festival will definitely open up the eyes of certain researchers who aspire to be great people carrying a certain degree of knowledge within them.

While the disadvantages of the same can be- However important the film festival is or maybe the greater public, issuing up a film festival during a global pandemic is more like adding fuel to the fire and playing with it. Knowledge can be gained through any platform be it from the documentaries or anything that promotes education as such. However, the legacy of carrying film festival could wait as it is because the lives of the people and the safety of their near and dear ones are important more than that of the film festival being held.



Shweta Mazoomdar,

Priyanka Thakur,


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