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Man hides girlfriend for 11 years in his room

This couple in Kerala went a little overboard with the concept of a live-in relationship. A crazy love story surfaced in Kerala where a man called Rahman hid his girlfriend Sajitha from his family for 11 years under the same roof.

The Palakkad district police unravelled the mind-boggling love story of the lover who kept his girlfriend belonging to another community in a tiny room along with his family. The family resided in a small house at Ayiloor, near Nenmara.

The secret hideout began in 2010, when Sajitha, then 18 years old went missing from her parents’ house in Ayiloor. As the investigations could not make a headway, everyone in her family and village accepted her to be dead.

But earlier this week, Sajitha’s parents and villagers’ jaws dropped when it was revealed that she was very much alive and living in a house close to that of her parents.

In 2010, Rahman who was then 24 years old, brought his lover home and hid her in his room without giving a hint to his family. They lived in a small room with scarce amenities for almost 11 years. Rahman who is an electrician used his skills and electrified the door handle preventing his family from entering the room during his absence.

Sajitha who was hiding in the small room would only sneak out at night to use the toilet. Rahman fed his girlfriend and took care of her all in tight secrecy.

In March this year, Rahman went missing, and the family filed a case. The police found Rahman and his girlfriend living in a rented house in the neighbouring village of Vithanassery. The police refused to believe the story but were convinced when they examined Rahman’s room at Ayiloor.

The couple was presented in front of the court that permitted them to live together and returned to their rented house in Vithanassery.

However, Rahman’s father Muhammad Kani rubbished the story. He asserted it was impossible to hide Sajitha in Rahman’s room for 11 years. He accused his son of fabricating the story.

“Rahman used to spend time at home without going for a job. He always complained about health issues. Doctors who diagnosed him declared he is fine. When we tried to take him to another hospital, he refused. We thought he is having mental problems and tried to seek medical help,” recollected his father.

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