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Many would have lived if ICMR guidelines were followed in Kolhapur: COVID Task Force

Kolhapur: A government task force on Thursday primarily attributed the high COVID mortality rate of this district to not following the treatment guidelines set by the ICMR.

Led by Dr. Subhash Salukhe, the task force members Dr Deelip Kadam and Dr Arati Kinikar visited the city’s Chhatrapati Pramila Raje Hospital as well as the IGM Hospital in Ichalkaranji town.

After a detailed discussion with the death audit committee and senior doctors of these two hospitals, the task force concluded that the Kolhapur’s mortality rate of 3.50 per cent was “unacceptable” and “shocking”.

They underlined that among the fatalities—highest in the country—at least 45 deceased patients could have been saved if timely treatment was given.

The team pointed out that manpower shortage and technical shortcomings are the other two important factors impeding the COVID testing, and hence delaying treatment.

Giving an instance, they said that a suspect was not quarantined till his report came. As a result, 30 others were infected after coming in his contact, they added.

In such a scenario, the suspect must be sent into institutional quarantine rather than home isolation. The mortality rate will decline if the ICMR guidelines are duly followed, they asserted.

The task force will soon submit a report of its findings to the state government.

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