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Manya Singh – An exemplar of benchmark to limelight

We see most of the social media platforms have already flooded with the success story of Manya Singh who is Miss India 2020 runner up and a daughter of an auto rickshaw driver as well. The limelight she gained is the fruit of her hard work and persistent efforts.

The internet is flooded with the story of Manya Singh who belongs from Uttar Pradesh. As a daughter of an auto rickshaw driver, Manya had to face a lot of difficulties in pursuing her passion and making her family proud. Manya was born in a small family at Kushinagar and had her upbringing done under great poverty. Manya, despite being poor, knew how to go for high level challenges and set her own benchmark to be better every day. Just like every great person’s first step is to go for a search of an opportunity to make their lives better, Manya also decided to leave her house and go to Bombay, at a very young age.

Being a dreamer with meagre resources, she never let the dearth overcome her passion. Manya had to face a lot of problems in her journey. It is enough for normal citizen to realize the amount of struggle she must have gone through her entire life. Nobody could think of “Miss India” if one had gone through similar situations of poverty where the family had to cut corners to earn their living. She as well as her family did not have enough resources that could help their daughter to pursue her dream without any struggle. Manya left no stone unturned to make up to the position of “Miss India”. The day she ran from her home had already remarked the beginning of her journey, a beautiful journey of being declared the runner up of the pageant.

In our society, how we view upon two different sides like rich and the poor, the famous and the common etc.? Any common man can have one’s guts failed when dreaming of making up to such a great position and that also being a daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver. What value and respect do we owe to the people who are involved in profession like janitors, waiters, drivers, servants, watchmen etc.?  Most of the public hardly pay attention towards them let alone giving them respect. The irony of the society is that the one who throws garbage and litters everywhere is treated as the rich one and given a lot of respect. On the other hand the one who cleans the garbage and roads, are viewed upon as untouchables, of low standard and also treated badly. They are also human beings, they have a life, they do work at least to earn their living still people hardly respect them.

Even today, we do not have proper idea how the rickshaw drivers are being treated. Their profession is considered to be inferior to other professions. Today, by arriving in an auto-rickshaw for felicitation ceremony, Manya had proved that she is not at all embarrassed to embrace her dad’s profession and emotions and that no job is big or small. Moreover, Manya is proud to accept the fact that she is a daughter of an auto- rickshaw driver. She also highlights her family in front of the media and how blessed is she to have her father, her mother and a brother. There is nothing embarrassing for this girl to travel in an auto-rickshaw because she knows how it feels like being in the shoes of the one who cannot even afford that. Yes, she stated that in her journey, she used to walk miles and miles long on foot just to save some amount of money. There had been days where she could not afford to have her own food, not even a one-time proper meal. There had been sleepless nights as well, where the determination to bring a change, forced her to watch her dreams with open eyes and mighty soul.

Despite a lot of negative situation and demotivating circumstances, Manya had set her benchmark to inspiring locales. Every drop of blood, every sweat of persistence and every consistent step taken towards prosperity were fruitful at the end. Although Manya is the runner up of Miss India 2020 but still known for her persistent efforts and has crashed the internet just like the winner. She might not be the winner of the competition but she is winner of many hearts for sure. She had set an example for one and all and many of us could be influenced by her. In order to achieve big, one needs to dream big. Hard work pays off in the form of money but in some cases the crown also fits for the same! All we need is to dream big, work hard and make India proud.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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