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Mapusa Police file charge-sheet against former GCA President Narvekar

Mapusa police has filed a charge sheet against former Goa Cricket Association president Dayanand Narvekar for allegedly forging his son’s birth certificate.

The charge sheet, filed before the JMFC, Mapusa and the Goa Children’s court, also named Narvekar’s wife Sushma and son Ganesh Raj in the forged birth certificate case.

On November 7, 2010, Dr Shekhar Salkar, a member of GCA, had filed a complaint against Narvekar, who was the then GCA president and also the state finance minister, for misusing power to change his son’s birth certificate so that he could be eligible to play in the Under-15 cricket team.

The complaint had also said that Narvekar’s son Ganesh Raj played in the Under-15 cricket team thrice while the BCCI rules stipulate that a player is eligible to play only twice.

Dr Salkar had obtained this information under RTI and it was found that these certificates were used for education purpose as well.

In 2005-06 and 2006-07, Narvekar’s son played as Ganesh Raj with his birth certificate showing his birth date as 1-9-1993, while the third time he played under his original birth certificate with his name showing as Anish Narvekar.

After the complaint, the BCCI had fined the GCA Rs 5,000 but no criminal action was taken.

The RTI information also revealed that another birth certificate showed Narvekar’s son date of birth as 28-2-92 where his mother had signed.

Signatures on the birth certificates were sent for verification and the report indicated that the signatures could have been forged.

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