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Margao Municipality: Kamat’s Lady Out, Sardesai’s Man Out

While the Digambar Kamat supported Sushila Naik resigned from the main post of the Margao Municipality chairperson last week and her resignation has been accepted yesterday. This morning Vijai Sardesai backed deputy chairperson Gonzaco Rebello faced the no vote confidence was voted out by 11 councilors headed by Arthur D’Silva, and much to the surprise of the very confident Fatorda MLA.

Sources to the group of 11, opine that the next chairperson most likely will be Arthur D’Silva who has been working hard for it for the last couple of days.

The astonishing bit about the change in the situation is the support of the councilor Pratima Coutinho who chose to stand by Arthur D’Silva instead of former close-friend Vijai Sardesai; who sources told me even went to the extent of using his influence with the Indian Youth Congress to ask them to get Coutinho to move out of the group of eleven and some representative from the Congress high command did call Coutinho on this issue.


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