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Matanhy Objects To Shifting Of Ossorsim Panchayat Ward

Former Cortalim MLA Matanhy Saldanha on Thursday objected to the move of shifting Panchayat ward of Issorsim, from Velsao to Chicolna Panchayat. Similarly, at Cortalim and Sancoale moves are afoot to form new Panchayats by carving out new wards from existing village Panchayats, he said.

Saldanha said that these moves are covertly been the maneuvers of local MLA and vested interests, to divide the Panchayats in order to create workers for the purpose of elections as small Panchayat units fall prey to this manipulation.

He alleged that even though the Panchayats are said to be non partisan, politicians are using Panchayat members as workers at the time of elections, by blackmailing them. This is clearly seen in Cansaulim as well as Sancoale Panchayats, as no developmental work is taken up by the local MLA, since Panch members are not ready to follow the dictates of the MLA, who is more interested to sub serve his personal and political interest, he said.

Saldanha further said that formation of new Panchayats or shifting of wards from one Panchayat to another is not in the interest of the people nor it is prudent to do so, as such new Panchayats are not only not sustainable but are economically not viable. He also said that the local MLA is least interested in the welfare of the people and social good. His main concern is to divide and rule.

It is reliably learnt that the move to link Issorsim with Chicolna Panchayat is mainly to convert the coastal forested slopes to satisfy the greed of builders and real estate agents, he alleged.

Saldanha said he fully supports the objections raised by the Panchayat members as well as the Gram Sabha members, of all the three villages — Velsao, Sancoale and Cortalim, and said that the local MLA should stop these games of manipulating the people in the name of people’s demands.


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