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Matanhy Slams Education Department Over RTE

The so called phased implementation of the Right to Education Act by the Education Department is yet another example of total abdication of responsibility by the duly elected Goa Government towards protecting the interest of Goa and its inhabitants, charged former minister Matanhy Saldanha.

He pointed out that since Education is a concurrent subject, the Centre had merely provided a draft of the Act to be ratified by the State government after making suitable amendments pertaining to the needs and requirement of their region.

He stated that in Goa, the Education Department without making any changes has blindly adopted the central Act.

“This is totally against the spirit of democracy and that is the reason why Goans have been suffering for all these years as instead of changing the Central laws to protect our interest, the State Government has very irresponsibly and blindly adopted the Central provisions without bothering to apply its mind to see whether it is beneficial or not for Goa and Goans in all sectors,” he said.

He said it was because of this irresponsible attitude of the Goa Government that the central agencies are taking the people of Goa for granted.

“It is because of this attitude that the Mormugao Port Trust behaves like an independent authority, without bothering to take necessary permissions and licenses from the State Government,” he said.

Besides, he also pointed out that the Defence forces have been grabbing land on any pretext in Goa and the Goa Government has remained a mute spectator without bothering to enforce its mandate given by the people to protect their interest.

Saldanha has demanded the immediate withdrawal of the circular issued by the Education Department and further demanded that the Right to Education Act be suitably amended to fulfill Goa’s needs and the same be published for public response before its implementation.


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