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Mauvin Accuses Navy Of Grabbing Land

Deputy Speaker Mauvin Godinho accused the Indian Navy of holding land around the Dabolim airport that actually does not belong to them thereby affecting the expansion of the airport.
He pointed out that the Indian Navy has not yet handed over 2.5 acres of land as promised to the Airport Authorities of India (AAI). The land was required by AAI for expansion of the airport and though the Navy had agreed to hand over this land, it has failed to do so till date, he said.

Referring to the Outline Development Plan for Mormugao, he said there was ample of land marked for public parking around the airport and rued the fact that the Indian Navy was wrongly claiming ownership of these very lands.
He also pointed out that the land demarcated for parking has withstood legal procedure and argued that the Indian Navy should not be allowed to just grab it.
Similarly, he said the Mormugao Port Trust was also going around grabbing land by claiming it to be theirs and gave an example of a person who was told that his property on the banks of Zuari river belongs to the MPT.

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