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Mauvin Calls For Mundkarial Rights To Communidade Encroachers


Deputy Speaker Mauvin Godinho, on Wednesday called for declaring encroachers on Commnidade land for more than 40 years as mundkars of the property and argued that this will help curb encroachment on government and Communidade land.
Pointing out that encroachment on private, Communidade and even government land has increased in the last few years, he said by conferring mundkarial rights on those occupying the lands for 40 years, will help identify others who can then be evicted from the land.

He also argued that the government stood to gain revenue by declaring these old encroachers as owners of the land.
He also opined that if the government does not act decisively now, the number of illegal houses on Communidade lands will soon outnumber the legal dwellings.


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