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Mayem-Vaiguinim Best ‘A’ Grade Panchayat

Mayem-Vaiguinim panchayat took the place of honour when it was adjudged the best panchayat in the ‘A’ category at the function held on Saturday to present the prestigious Panchayat Awards. The second place was shared by Veling-Priol-Cuncolim and Karapur-Sarvan panchayats.
In the ‘B’ category, Quela panchayat bagged the first place while Loliem-Polem panchayat was placed second. The third place was shared by Verna, Keri-Sattari and Collem Panchayats.
Van-Maulinguem village panchayat won the first place in the ‘C’ category while Nagargao panchayat came second and the third place was shared by Pilgaon, Betalbatim and Mollem panchayats.

In the ‘D’ category, Neura panchayat was placed first while Volvoi panchayat came second and Chicolna panchayat was ranked third.
The village panchayat of Kirlapal Dabal was also honoured for having received the National Gaurav Gram Sabha award.
Chief Minister Digambar Kamat who was the chief guest, urged the panchayat members to work together to make governance truly decentralized as was envisaged while enacting the Panchayati Raj Act. He also indicated that the government was considering enhancing the honorarium paid to the panchayat members.
Panchayat Minister Babu Azgaonkar who was also present on the occasion, released the Konkani edition of the Directorate of Panchayat’s Citizen Charter.

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