Medium of Instruction: “Amkam pixyant kaddttat kai ?”

Goa is the only place where :-
“Issues” are made out of “Non- Issues”. Medium of Instruction in Primary Schools is not at all an “Issue”. Give “Grants” to all. Let all benefit …… that’s the simplest solution.
While everyone is hoping for a decision by the government of Goa , in favor of English as the Medium of Instruction  for Primary Education by the 20th of May 2011 , there are others like me who are very skeptical  of the Government’s  response.  The reason for my being skeptical is based on the fact that I have been doing a behavioral study on this Government for quite some time now. I have not only studied the behavioral pattern of this  Government as a whole but also a behavioral pattern of most of the individual  Ministers and M.L.A s of Goa.

This study makes me believe that even the most vociferous Ministers and M,L,A s on the issue of M.o.I  are doing it , not for any love of the people or  out of any  real interest in the future of our children, but are doing  it  for themselves , to blackmail the Government to get more benefits for themselves  either in cash or in kind.
The Chief Minister of Goa , also knows this.
Involving their “High Command” to solve our local issue is only a “drama” to buy “time” or as they say in Konkani   “amkam pixyant kaddunk”.
The issue of Medium of Instruction for a child is a “Human Rights Issue”. No one other than the parents of the child, are entitled to decide what medium of instruction is good for his or her child’s education. Not even the elected representatives.
Then, where is the place for any “High Command” here?
This is why I say, there is no interest of the People of Goa involved. It is an issue for their own personal need  and  greed .
 The Chief Minister also knows, finally, distributing suitcases full of money to a few and election-tickets to the family members of the others, will make them forget the issue in no time.
But what of the people then? What of the parents? What of the children? What of the “Human Rights”?
Will we all be taken for a ride again? Just like in the past? And will the people also take it lying down again, just like in the past?
Will Goans, once again endorse the common view that “Goans are meant to be trampled all over by the politicians”?
In the interest of all Goan parents and their children I hope I will be proved wrong.

– Wilmix Wilson Mazarello

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