Meet the ‘Lord of Anonymity’, Planet’s First and Only Anonymous International Pop Star Creating a Stir with his Sensational Songs

In a world where it has become impossible to eat a fancy lunch without posting about it at least on three different social media sites, this anonymous singer, who has earned the title ‘Lord J’ from an LA based fan, has opted to become an anonymous pop star and claim the fame only on basis of his sheer talent. Believe it or not, J has managed to become a world-famous icon, without revealing his real identity to the world.

Lord J

J, who released his first single ‘Beside Me’ two years ago in December 2016 on Vevo, claims to have self-funded all his music singles so far. He gives credit to his middle-class parents who have supported him financially throughout his professional career.

Lord J

J realised his passion for music at the young age of 16, “I listened to singers like George Michael, Phil Collins and Enrique Iglesias on my Walkman from when I was in the 7th grade. I had a habit of writing down the lyrics to understand better. Eventually, this habit converted into writing down my own feelings as song lyrics. The first song I ever wrote was ‘Lip Locks’ inspired from a broken yet beautiful relationship. However, when I released it, it turned out to be a retro-style party number. I prefer to remember all my past relationships as happy memories.”

J has no formal training, nor is he associated with any leading music label, yet he has received praises about his music all around the globe. With fans from UK, Croatia, Canada, Romania and even USA, J has managed to make his music stick.

J who hails from a typical middle-class Brahmin family from Varanasi in India, doesn’t believe in any competition. He has released 4 pop singles independently so far, without any music labels support and claims to have 8 new tracks in the pipeline.


From singlehandedly writing lyrics to creating the melody and conceptualising videos for his music, every song is really close to J’s heart. It has definitely not been an easy journey for J, when asked about difficulties he faced as an independent artist, he said, “I am very grateful to have such supportive parents, I remember there was a time when my father had to pawn my mothers last remaining jewellery to fund my project.” But J claims that singing comes naturally to him and hasn’t faced any difficulties in that area so far. He remembers recording an entire song in just 20 minutes.

With four songs under his belt, clocking total over 2.7 million views on Vevo, J has proven to the world that if your passionate enough, you can literally achieve anything you set out for.

Recently, J has been spotted spending a lot of time in Varanasi, writing and taking time out for himself. He is all geared up and working on the upcoming music singles.

If you are curious to find out what J sounds like, you can find all his videos here:

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