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Meet to establish ‘Hindu Nation’ to be held in Goa

Treading confidently on account of the BJP-led government in the state of Goa, over 50 right-wing organizations will be a part of five-day long convention organized by the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti at the Sanathan Sanstha Ashram in Goa. The convention is aimed at these organizations working together to establish a ‘Hindu Nation’.

Touted a being one of largest convention to be held in the recent past which will be attended by over 175 leaders from different organizations; Virendra Marathe, trustee, Sanathan Sanstha, said, “The convention is being held to work out a concrete plan to establish a Hindu Nation, and work towards Hindu unity and protection of Hindusm.”

Marathe further added that steps would be taken by those who attend the convention to establish a Hindu Nation at district, regional and state-level.

Shivprasad Joshi, leader of the Hindu Mahasabha, said that the convention is expected to draw a lot of support and it will function smoothly because of the BJP-led government in the state. “If it was another government, things would not be allowed to function smoothly because of vested political interests.”

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