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Mega Projects In RP 2021 For 3 Talukas

NGOs are getting ready to oppose the mega projects envisaged in the Regional Plan 2021 released for the three talukas of Sattari, Ponda and Quepem.
As per the RP 2021 a marina is envisaged in Betul-Naqueri-Canaguinim, a marine industrial estate in Madkai, an amusement park in Quepem, a film city in Durbhat in Ponda taluka and a sports city in Quepem.

Residents of Madkai are in the process of forming an organization to oppose the marine industrial estate proposed in their village. One of the villager Rajesh Naik pointed out that the area where the industrial estate is proposed is a cultivated field.
“The Gram Sabha had not recommended an industrial estate in the village when we prepared the plan for our village,” he said while pointing out that the Gram Sabha in fact had resolved to reserve the land for agriculture only.
But for the Town and Country Planning Officials the marine industrial estate is essential in the interest of Goa primarily to curb the increasing number of ship repair yards along the banks of rivers anywhere and everywhere.
However, for the residents of Madkai this is not sufficient justification to hoist an industrial estate upon them without even taking the panchayat into confidence.
Meanwhile, further south, the villagers from Betul are preparing to oppose the marina proposed in their vicinity.
As it is the fishing jetty at Cutbona has brought a lot of problems for the villagers particularly in the form of migrants employed on the fishing vessels, and they are right now not in a mood to even listen to how a marina will help the village economy of the State.

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