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Melting Glaciers Speed Up Global Warming: Scientists

The rapidly reducing glacier cover particularly in the Arctic region will not only reduce the northernmost continents capability to be the global carbon sink but also speed up global warming cautioned scientists.
Researchers of National Institute of Oceanography who returned from the Arctic region said the receding glacier cover is a cause of serious concern as it would have far telling effect on the environment.
The Arctic ocean and continent accounts for about 25 per cent of the world’s carbon sink which will be drastically reduced if the phenomenon of melting glaciers and reducing ice cover from fjords continues, said S Prasannakumar.
In common terms this means that the Arctic region will not be able to absorb carbon dioxide in quantities possible till now, which in turn will result in global warming as the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase.
A team of five members from NIO worked in the Arctic region in the last week of May and selected Kongsforden Fjord for its study as this region had not been touched till then.
NIO scientists are also carrying out a research to see if phytoplanktons can synthesise carbon released due to melting glaciers while at the same time another study is underway to access how much carbon dioxide is released due to ocean warming.

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