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Merry-Go-Round For Mayor?

Notwithstanding the razors in the majority at the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP), hectic lobbying is on in the Babush Monserratte camp to be the next mayor of the capital city.
Rudresh Chodankar, who was the strong contender for the Mayor’s post has suffered a setback due to the very narrow margin of his victory.
Rudresh won by only 16 votes despite the fact that he has been representing this ward for the last three terms.
Rudresh’s poor performance has bolstered Yatin Parekh’s claim to the top post.

Yatin Parekh has, in the past, been the deputy mayor of the city and the fact that he defeated Ashok Naik, who was projected as the next mayor by the Opposition party, by a comfortable margin has strengthened his claim to the mayor’s post.
However, Tony Rodrigues, who was the mayor in the past, has also reportedly thrown his hat in the ring to come back as the mayor of Panjim.
And even as these three males are jostling for the top position, Carolina Po, the outgoing mayor has apparently staked her claim too, on grounds that she is a woman and also she successfully led the panel to the polls.
The final call will be taken by Education Minister Babush Monserratte who will want a mayor he can control as he has promises to keep and dreams to realize. Besides development of the city, giving a transparent and corruption free administration are the promises he has to keep and winning the next assembly elections from Panjim is the dream he has to realize.

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