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Mickey unfazed over reported CBI probe [VIDEO]



Ex-Tourism Minister Mickey Pacheco was totally unfazed with reports of the Ministry for External Affairs ordering a CBI probe into his dealings stating that he was innocent. And while Chief Minister Digambar Kamat claimed to have no knowledge about this development, Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar preferred to be cautious while commenting on it.
Sunday morning there were reports that the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, a unit of the US State Department had informed the country’s Ministry of External Affairs of Mickey’s involvement in money laundering and immigration activities.
According to the reports, the US authorities has submitted documentary evidence against Mickey which was reported to be “substantive and watertight” and that Mickey had around US $ 15 million in different accounts in the US of which around US $ 2 million were recently transferred to his Indian accounts.

When asked about this Mickey asserted that he was not involved in any criminal activity. “It is easy to make allegations, but they have to prove it,” he said adding that being a businessman all his transactions were through the bank and therefore any illegality could be easily checked.
He said this must be yet another attempt by politicians disturbed by him to tarnish his image.
Chief Minister Digambar Kamat was totally in the dark about this development and admitted that he got to know about it only when Goa Chronicle contacted him. While admitting that subsequently he saw the news flashed on television, Mr. Kamat admitted to not applying his mind to it due to other preoccupations.
Leader of Opposition on the other hand, was very careful. While pointing out that one could not rely on news reports, he preferred to let the CBI complete their investigations before commenting on it. “If the reports are true, it is very dangerous and if they are not true, it is risky,” he said.
Manohar however expressed surprise that the US authorities did not take any action against Mickey when the later was in that country recently and instead opted to send the evidence to the Indian government.
Meanwhile Public Works Department Churchill Alemao who is away on his annual pilgrimage to Vailankani, said that people could be fooled but God cannot.

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