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Mickky, NCP Honeymoon might end

If advisors to Mickky Pacheco and inside sources in NCP High Command in Delhi are to be believed than all is not well in the relationship between Mickky Pacheco and his political party National Congress Party (NCP).
Owing to the waiting game plan advised by NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar last month and a subsequent delay in the any action on the NCP’s part to either induct Mickky into the cabinet berth or withdraw support from the Congress-NCP alliance in Goa; highly placed sources in Mickky’s camp have revealed that he will be forming a new political party and that process of registering the new party has already commenced with a tentative name being United Goa Party (on the line of the political party started by Dr Jack Sequeira – United Goans Party). However, when he plans to make his move has not yet been decided.

On the NCP front; owning to a growing unrest amongst the local NCP stalwarts, many want the entire Mickky episode saga to be done and over with, so that they can concentrate on the forthcoming elections and the noise around Mickky’s here today and gone tomorrow behavior has not being taken well with even the NCP High Command.

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