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Micky Announces Viola’s Candidature

In another addition to family politics in Goa, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) legislator Micky Pacheco announced the candidature of Viola, the mother of his children from the Cortalim constituency.

According to reports in the media, Micky claimed that since Viola hails from Cansaulim, there has been a demand from the people for her to contest the next assembly elections from Cortalim constituency which includes Cansaulim village.

While arguing that in a democracy people’s wishes prevail, he said that since the people are demanding her candidature, she would have to go by the wishes of the people.

His declaration that Viola will not be a candidate of the NCP has practically made it clear that Micky will be launching a new political outfit for the next assembly elections.

Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker Mauvin Godinho who is presently representing the Cortalim constituency asserted that neither NCP nor Micky factor will work in the constituency.

He said some disgruntled Congressmen who had joined hands with Micky because he had promised them upward mobility in their political aspirations have returned to the Congress after realizing that Micky wanted to exploit them to promote Viola.

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