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Micky Calls For Ban, Rane Says Not Possible


Ex-Tourism Minister Micky Pacheco on Wednesday tabled a calling attention motion in the House seeking a ban on the Bollywood film Dum Maro Dum slated to have a worldwide release in the last week of April.
He said the movie will project Goa in a bad light as a land of sleaze where drugs and sex abounds, which he said will be believed by the gullible cine goers as a result of which tourism in the State will suffer.
He said Goa is a tourist destination not only for the independent merry makers but also for families particularly amongst the domestic tourists, who he said will be reluctant to visit Goa if it is projected as a place where drugs abound.

Notwithstanding his flamboyant lifestyle, Micky as the Tourism Minister was responsible for removing pictures of bikini clad from brochures promoting Goa as a tourist destination and also coined the slogan ‘Goa Goa 365 Days’.
However, Speaker Pratapsing Rane disagreed with Micky and said the movie reflects reality, which could be interpreted in his dissatisfaction with the Home Minister and the functioning of the police over which he had earlier too commented.
He further said that it would not be possible for the Legislative Assembly to ban the movie.
It may be recalled that Goa Police were to view the movie after the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa had raised objection to the movie claiming that it would tarnish the image of Goa.
Dum Maro Dum directed by Rohan Sippy is reportedly based on the murder of British national Scarlett who was fed a drug overdose before being raped and left to die on the beach.
However, the director has denied that the movie shows Goa in a bad light. On the contrary he said the movie portrays Goa as a paradise on earth as it has been shot in some virgin locales of the State.


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