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Micky Gives Govt Till 27th April To Decide On Medium of Instruction

Nationalist Congress Party legislator Micky Pacheco set 27th April as the deadline for the government to decide upon the medium of instruction issue failing which he threatened to take necessary action without specifying what it would be.
“I want the government to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the parents demand to give them a choice to decide the best medium for their children’s education,” he said adding that as a parent himself, he totally supported the people’s demand.

Refuting the charge of some parents from his constituency that he was not supporting their cause, he pointed out that he was the first MLA to raise the issue during the assembly session by seeking one hour’s discussion on it besides raising the issue during the discussion on demands for Education.
When asked whether there was sufficient time to change over to English medium given the fact that text books have to be prepared and teachers to be trained, he quipped: “The government should then announce that it is implementing the new policy from next academic year.”
Despite repeated questions, he refused to divulge his plans in case the government does not concede the demand but said he would “congratulate” the government if it accepted the people’s demand.


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